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Reese Witherspoon Never Dreamed Her Life Would Be Like This
Reese Witherspoon's typical date night with husband Jim Toth is not the kind of thing movies are made about. The actress, who is mom to three, recently opened up about the kind of time they get to spend together by sharing,
Tiffani Thiessen Reveals Plans For Pregnancy Two
Tiffani Thiessen's sweet daughter is hounding her mother for a sibling. Explain she and husband Brady Smith are “definitely trying” for another pregnancy, the actress opened up to Sweden With Love about their 4-year-old daughter's wishes. “She puts more pressure on me
Lena Dunham Shared Her Parents’ Bed Until Age 12
Lena Dunham was a very, very longtime participant in co-sleeping. The Girls star and creator has revealed in her new book she slept in her parents' bed until age 12. An excerpt reads: "Around 1 a.m, once my parents were finally asleep,
Gwen Stefani Freaked Out Gavin Rossdale With Baby Three News
Gwen Stefani chose to reveal to her husband Gavin Rossdale she was pregnant in 2013 via email. Admitting he was quite surprised by the news, the Bush singer told Howard Stern, "I got this email on the road, from Gwen, and
These Days David Beckham is King of the Carpool to Soccer Practices
David Beckham is taking on more fatherhood responsibilities now that his professional soccer career has come to a close. The athlete and model, who has four kids with wife Victoria Beckham, recently shared, "If someone had turned around and said, 'What