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Katy Perry Sounds Very Serious About Her Motherhood Plans
Katy Perry is determined to have a child in the somewhat near future, no matter if she's single or with someone. The songstress, who was previously married to Russell Brand, told Rolling Stone, "I don't need a dude... It's 2014! We
Nicole Richie Believes Her Kids Need To Have a Voice
Nicole Richie is undoubtedly a proud and competent mom, but that doesn't mean she isn't aware there's room for improvement. "I have to always come from a place of love and compassion with them. My kids operate best when I let
Alicia Silverstone Celebrates Bear’s Birthday at Farm Sanctuary
Alicia Silverstone has helped her son, Bear Blu Jarecki, celebrate his birthday in a very sweet way. "'We had the sweetest time celebrating Bear's birthday at Farm Sanctuary," the actress explained on her The Kind Life blog. "From loving up the
Lily Allen Doesn’t Feel Worthy Of Even Knowing Her Husband
There's no questions that Lily Allen thinks highly of her husband, Sam Cooper. Opening up about the father of her daughters, Ethel and Marnie, the songstress told Australian television's Today show: "I still don't feel worthy of my husband, you know, he's
Miranda Kerr Is Embracing Organization For Her Son’s Sake
Miranda Kerr's to-do list is already filled for the next two years, and that's just how she likes it. The model mom has opened up to Marie Claire México y América Latina about organizing her time for the sake of her son,