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Ivanka Trump Spills Her Body-After-Baby Tips to Shape
Ivanka Trump is back in trim and toned shape after welcoming her second child. The business-minded beauty, who is raising both Arabella and Joseph with husband Jared Kushner, has opened up about how she lost the baby weight. Ivanka Trump on
Lily Allen “Nearly Died” During Loss of Baby
Lily Allen continues to struggle with her devastating 2010 pregnancy loss. The songstress, who is now raising two daughters with husband Sam Cooper, admits she still hasn't entirely dealt with the emotional baggage such a heartbreaking experience has left her with. She
Pharrell Explains Son Rocket’s Musical Name Meaning
Pharrell has a whole host of reasons that help explain why he named his son Rocket. The "Happy" singer, who welcomed a boy with wife Helen Lasichanh in 2008, has opened up about their child's unique moniker. "In the same way that
Jenny McCarthy’s Fed Up With “Anti-Vaccine” Misunderstanding
Jenny McCarthy has had enough of being labeled as "anti-vaccine." The mother of 11-year-old Evan Asher, who has long been blamed for inciting worry about a vaccine-autism link, has written a piece for Chicago Sun-Times to set the record straight. "I am
Jennifer Garner Talks Baby Samuel and Private “Bits”
Jennifer Garner has no shame about telling the world how she and husband Ben Affleck have taught their lone son about his private parts. During a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Draft Day actress shared of her A-list love,