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Jennifer Garner Shares Why She Has Her Daughters in Karate Classes
Jennifer Garner is making sure her two girls spend time being both sweet and tough. The actress, who has three children with husband Ben Affleck, says she wants her daughters "to be able to kick a guy’s ass." Speaking of Violet,
Jerry Seinfeld Backs Off of Autism Self-Diagnosis
Jerry Seinfeld isn't exactly standing by his claims he's on the autism spectrum. The comedian and father of three surprised fans earlier this month when he revealed he believes he is "on the spectrum" of autism on a "very drawn out
Jessica Alba’s Little Haven Just Won’t Give Up Her Crib
Jessica Alba has a bit of a sleeping situation on her hands, but doesn't seem to mind! The actress, who has two daughters with husband Cash Warren, has given People an update on their family life. “[Being a mom is] my
Jaden & Willow Smith Vent About School Not Being Authentic Enough
Jaden and Willow Smith are no fans of ordinary school, and also find the concept of time to be open to manipulation. Check out quotes from the brother-sister pair's latest interview! Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's kids on time: Willow: "I mean,
Jamie Oliver Tricked Daughter Into Eating Hot Sauce As a Punishment
Jamie Oliver is in hot water with his wife (as well as a portion of the public) for punishing his daughter with hot sauce. The chef and author, who has four children with wife Jools, recently shared, "I give them chillies