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Kate Hudson Can Totally Bench Press & Squat Her Boys
Kate Hudson doesn't need any exercise equipment other than her two sons to get a good workout in. The actress recently opened up to Women's Health about staying fit, sharing, “I love exercising with my kids. I’ll walk around for a
Jennifer Garner Makes the Best of Her Permanent Baby Bump
Jennifer Garner has forever cemented herself as the number-one loved mom in America. The actress, who is mom to three darlings, took on rumors she's pregnant with another child in the most amazing way during a recent visit to The Ellen
Kate Winslet Says Celebrity Moms Are “So Bloody Lucky”
Kate Winslet has some strong opinions about how much room working celebrity moms have to complain. The mother of three has opened up to Marie Claire magazine about being "bloody" lucky, as well as being pregnant with her third child
Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Delivery Day Tip: Don’t Let Your Man Get “Hangry”
Jennifer Love Hewitt has high prize for her husband, Brain Hallisay, on how he performed in the delivery room. "This is the thing, too, if you are in labor, feed your husband and they are wonderful. He can’t be hungry —
Reese Witherspoon Reveals Who Tennessee Looks Like (& Much More)
Reese Witherspoon has plenty to say about her darling boy and her upcoming film. Check out highlights from the actress, who is mom to Ava and Deacon from her marriage to Ryan Phillippe, as well as son Tennessee from her