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Channing Tatum: Changing Everly’s Diaper Is Like a Break-Dancing Battle
With two notably good dancers in one famous family, it shouldn't come as a surprise Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum sometimes have to battle things out in an unusual way. Speaking to Redbook the actor recently shared he's keen on the
Brad Pitt’s Gun-Owning Dates Back to Early Elementary School
Brad Pitt says owning a firearm is just part of family tradition where he's from. The actor, who is raising six kids with wife Angelina Jolie, recently opened up about getting his first gun by sharing it's "a rite of passage
Josh Duhamel Asks “What The hell Happened To My Baby?”
Josh Duhamel just can't wrap his mind around the speed at which his firstborn child is growing. Venting to People the actor, who welcomed son Axl with wife Fergie 13 months ago, said in good humor: "He's already swimming around in the
Kate Hudson Can Totally Bench Press & Squat Her Boys
Kate Hudson doesn't need any exercise equipment other than her two sons to get a good workout in. The actress recently opened up to Women's Health about staying fit, sharing, “I love exercising with my kids. I’ll walk around for a
Jennifer Garner Makes the Best of Her Permanent Baby Bump
Jennifer Garner has forever cemented herself as the number-one loved mom in America. The actress, who is mom to three darlings, took on rumors she's pregnant with another child in the most amazing way during a recent visit to The Ellen