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Megan Fox Enters TMI-Territory With Motherhood Realities
Megan Fox can't hardly get a moment of privacy away from her two young kids. "When you have babies you don’t really have a life," the actress explained to talk show host Chelsea Handler. "Every minute is dedicated to someone else.
Sarah Michelle Gellar Shares Touching Words About Robin Williams
Count Sarah Michelle Gellar among the many in Hollywood who are mourning the loss of friend and colleague Robin Williams. The mother of two, who worked with the late actor recently on The Crazy Ones, has opened up to People about
Julia Roberts Knows She’s a Hit With the Mom-Crowd
Julia Roberts has gotten downright honest about her personal life (and envy over Halle Berry) in the latest issue of InStyle magazine. Check out what the beloved actress, who is mom to three children with husband Danny Moder, has to say
Katherine Heigl Confesses Working Mom Frustrations
When Katherine Heigl became a mom with the adoption of daughter Naleigh in 2009, her work/life balance went out of whack. "I would come home angry and frustrated that I'd missed everything with my kid that day," the 35-year-old former Grey's
Katie Holmes Can’t Give Daughter Suri the “Gift of Normalcy”
Katie Holmes may be able to buy her daughter just about anything on the planet, but she can't give her and ex-husband Tom Cruise's darling normalcy. During an interview with Matt Lauer the actress opened up about her past, including the