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Video: 6 Clues Beyonce and Jay Z are Getting a Divorce
Rumors are swirling, so what do we believe? Well, here are 6 undeniable signs that point to a looming divorce for Jay Z and Beyonce.
Video: Kate Gosselin’s Nanny Tells All
Kate Gosselin's former nanny is speaking out! Check out the latest gossip surrounding the often controversial mother of eight:
Video: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Making Baby Plans?
Portia de Rossi reportedly wants to have a baby, but is Ellen on board? Rumor has it this married couple may be verge of a change of heart about remaining child-free:
Video: Zoe Saldana Curses Out Media Over Twins Report
Zoe Saldana curses out media over reports that she is expecting twins! Check out the latest from the star, who has yet to publicly confirm or deny she's expecting at all:
Video: Tori Spelling Telling Kids about Husband’s Affair
Tori Spelling reveals two important things in the new interview about her husband's affair. Check out the latest from the troubled couple, who are the parents of four little ones: