Hilary Duff Tweets Pregnant Belly Photo: Big as a Giant Pumpkin?

By on October 26, 2011

Hilary Duff Twitter pregnant baby bump pumpkin
Hilary Duff is having a little fun with her pregnant belly, taking to Twitter to tweet a photo of herself with a giant pumpkin bump!

Hilary tweeted the pic, with a note: “Oh no I think this is my near future! Baby’s getting big! Lol”


It looks like Hilary sat down among the pumpkin display in a supermarket, hiding behind a giant pumpkin for the photo.

We’ve seen photos of Duff’s baby bump and she’s not THAT big yet, but we imagine she’ll be feeling like that in no time.

As a side note, while the pumpkin bit is funny, we can’t stop looking at those shoes.

How many pregnant women do you know who wear sky high heels? More power to them, we suppose, but yeesh, it seems like it would be tough to get around in those!

photo: Hilary Duff Twitter

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