Is Fergie Pregnant? Her Friends Say Yes!

Fergie pregnant rumor
Fergie can’t seem to escape the pregnancy rumors, but this time around, rather than speculation coming from a baggy shirt, her friends reportedly squealed the news to OK! magazine.

Fergie is pregnant” buzz circulated just a couple of months ago, but OK! reports, “Word is among Fergie’s inner circle that she’s expecting.”

An insider tells the mag, “She hasn’t officially announced anything, but general consensus among her friends is that she’s already pregnant.”

Okay then.

Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel are rumored to be waiting to spill the baby beans because they are being cautious, with the source saying they’re awaiting a doctor’s approval because of her age (she’s 36).

Then of course, are the tell-tale clues that Fergie is pregnant: “She’s put on weight, her appetite is way bigger than usual, and she’s become really paranoid about being around cigarettes. Fergie won’t even sit on the patio of a restaurant if it allows smoking.”

Can’t a girl just eat a little more and avoid cigarette smoke without being pegged preggers?


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One Response to “Is Fergie Pregnant? Her Friends Say Yes!”

  1. Anyomous says:

    I thought she said she would never deny it if she ever got pregnant unlike some stars.

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