Jennifer Lawrence Describes Her Calling to Motherhood

By on November 20, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence is well known and loved as Katniss Everdeen to The Hunger Games fans far and wide, but her desire has always been to someday be called “mom.”

Speaking to The Daily Beast of sticking to ‘plan A’ despite having become famous, Jennifer Lawrence said of marriage and children:

“Well, yeah. It’s so weird for a 22-year-old to say it. I do feel like the reason I was put on this Earth is to be a mother, which is why it’s funny for me to end up with such an overwhelming career. Every since I was a baby, I was always playing house.”

Speaking of how signing on to The Hunger Games changed her life, Jennifer Lawrence added, “It’s kind of nerve wracking to join something that huge. I had chosen my path.

“I was going to be the indie actor. I was going to drive my kids in a minivan and have a normal life. I knew if I said yes to this, it would change my life. I wasn’t sure if I was ready.”

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  1. MichaelKors Outlet

    November 20, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    I think Jennifer Lawrence should wait much longer before having a baby, she is has the best years of her career ahead of her life right now.

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