Nick Cannon on Life With Mariah, Twins and Eight Dogs

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey aren’t only parents to twins Moroccan and Monroe, they’re in charge of caring for eight dogs!

Speaking to Parents magazine about how the kids learned to interact with their furry housemates, he explained, ”Mariah was the one who taught them, because not only is she a long-time dog owner, but we had our puppies and kids at the same time.”

“She demonstrated over and over how to pet the dogs nicely and with care. She would take our kids’ hands and let them do it so they really grasped the concept of how to be kind to the dogs. Over time, they got it. The kids are really good to the dogs and treat them like precious babies.”

The twins are happy to ‘help’ out with the dogs, too.

Nick Cannon shared, “The kids love to help feed the dogs. They know when the dogs are hungry. When they see the bowls are empty, they say, ‘Daddy, we need to feed them, so put food in.’”

photo: Instagram

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2 Responses to “Nick Cannon on Life With Mariah, Twins and Eight Dogs”

  1. Joquena says:

    This looks like a great way to fix old stained sheets! Super cool. Do you think it would work on colors other than white?

  2. Joquena says:

    Urgh computers! I was trying to spell check and I pasted in something else!

    I love how they help feed the puppies, that’s so cute. I have to admit I’m a mean mommy though, no pets for us for now.

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