Nick Lachey Gets to Work On a Lullaby Album

New dad Nick Lachey is hard at work crooning out lullabies for his son — and the microphone! The father of Camden John Lachey is busily recording some of his favorites for a new album.

“Working hard in the studio with @emanuelkiriakou on some lullabies,” Nick Lachey tweeted Thursday along with the photo seen here. “They’re working, we’re getting tired!”

Responding to curious fans, he added, “a lot of people are asking……the lullaby album is set to be released early next year. i will let everyone know exact dates soon!!”

Vanessa Lachey recently commented her husband is so hands-on she is rarely seen holding her son.

“I get to nurse him, but whenever I’m not nursing, Nick wants him,” the first-time mom told Fox News. “He just can’t get enough. He changes diapers, he does half the chores in the house, (and) he does laundry. I can’t complain!”

photo: Nick Lachey Twitter

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