Snooki Tweets Tough Girl Pregnant Photo: Snooki Baby Bump!

By on April 4, 2012

Snooki pregnant photo Twitter
Snooki’s excitement is building over her pregnancy, as she posted a tough girl photo of herself and her baby bump, with a message.

“Preggers power. I’ll cut a b**** if you mess with my baby,” the Jersey Shore star wrote.

So… we guess she’s going to be a protective mom, huh?

Snooki isn’t all tough girl though – she also tweeted: “I have the hottest fiancé ever. YUM,” followed the next morning with “I love waking up to you.”

Snooki seems to be looking forward to meeting her child, sharing this on Twitter: “Ah I can’t wait to see my little one whose either going to be a dedicated cheerleader like mommy or a strong wrestler like daddy.”

Do you think Snooki will be a good mom?

photo: Snooki Twitter

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