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Angelina Jolie Sidelined From Unbroken Promotion by Chicken Pox
Angelina Jolie's heart may be fully invested in Unbroken, but her health is causing her to miss out on helping promote the film! Posting a video to Youtube to explain to
Angelina Jolie Wowed by Maddox Becoming a Teen
Angelina Jolie is just like the rest of us in that she can hardly believe Maddox is now officially a teenager at 13. The actress, who adopted her first child from
Angelina Jolie Shares Why She Tells Brad Pitt She Should Be a “Better Wife”
Angelina Jolie seems to be well aware there are some domestic areas in which she could grow, but thankfully her new husband, Brad Pitt, doesn't appear to mind. The actress and
Video: Why Brad Pitt Feels Like “the Richest Man Alive”
It's an especially good time to be Brad Pitt.The newlywed, opens up about his children with wife Angelina Jolie in the November issue of the U.K.'s Psychologies magazine.
Video: Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt’s First Wedding Photos Revealed
Absolutely stunning! That will likely be the reaction to Angelina Jolie and her family gracing the cover of People magazine's upcoming issue. The latest from these parents of six, on