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Bizarre Maternity Suit Filed Against Jay-Z and Beyonce
Could it be Beyonce wasn't the one to give birth to Blue Ivy Carter? An unusual lawsuit has reportedly been filed by a woman named Tina Seals, who claims she's
Video: BeyoncĂ©’s Most Naughty Girl Moments on Stage
Who runs the world? Blue Ivy's momma apparently, who brought out an entire list of celebrities during her recent appearance. Check out her sexy on-stage style here:
Video: 6 Clues Beyonce and Jay Z are Getting a Divorce
Rumors are swirling, so what do we believe? Well, here are 6 undeniable signs that point to a looming divorce for Jay Z and Beyonce.
Video: What’s With That ‘Comb Blue Ivy’s Hair’ Petition?
Some people out there aren't too happy with how Beyonce and Jay-Z are caring for their sweet daughter, but it looks like the 'Comb Blue Ivy's Hair' petition is about
Video: Beyonce Shares Sweet New Photos of Herself and Blue Ivy
Beyonce and Jay Z famously skipped Kimye's nuptials to take a trip to the Hamptons. Check out a few pics the songstress shared of herself with daughter Blue Ivy, taken