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Beyonce Baby: Bey and Jay-Z Release Statement About Blue Ivy Carter Birth Details
Beyonce baby news has settled down, but here's the official statement from Bey and Jay-Z about baby girl Blue Ivy Carter: "Hello Hello Baby Blue! We are happy to announce the
Beyonce Buys Christmas Gifts for Baby!
Whether Beyonce is already 9 months pregnant or is due in February (the debate wages on...), one thing's for sure - baby is on her mind for Christmas. Beyonce and husband
New Beyonce Bump Photo: Beyonce Shopping in Vancouver
A new Beyonce bump photo is making the rounds, showing a pregnant Bey out shopping in Vancouver and flying pretty well under the radar. Beyonce is dressed in her usual all
Beyonce 9 Months Pregnant? When is Beyonce’s Due Date? (Photos)
Is Beyonce 9 months pregnant and due soon? When is Beyonce's due date? Will we be hearing a Beyonce baby birth announcement soon? You may have noticed that Beyonce hasn't been
Beyonce Already Planning to Have More Kids?
Beyonce hasn't even had her first child, but she and Jay-Z are already planning to have more kids. Bey shares, "I have always said that I want to have all my