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Report: Beyonce and Jay-Z Trying for Baby Two
Blue Ivy Carter may only be 3-months-old, but rumor has it Beyonce and Jay-Z are already planning to add to their family! "They see no reason to wait," an unnamed source
Beyonce Tumblr Shares Private Photos, Pregnant Pics and Video
The Beyonce Tumblr site is the talk of the town today, as Beyonce shared tons of private photos of herself and Jay-Z, including pics of Beyonce when she was pregnant
Beyonce Baby Update: Beyonce in Labor?
Yesterday, reported that Beyonce was in labor, set to give birth "at any moment." The Beyonce baby update is... well, false. The site reported that two nurses at New York
Beyonce Buys Christmas Gifts for Baby!
Whether Beyonce is already 9 months pregnant or is due in February (the debate wages on...), one thing's for sure - baby is on her mind for Christmas. Beyonce and husband
Beyonce 9 Months Pregnant? When is Beyonce’s Due Date? (Photos)
Is Beyonce 9 months pregnant and due soon? When is Beyonce's due date? Will we be hearing a Beyonce baby birth announcement soon? You may have noticed that Beyonce hasn't been