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Video: Angelina Jolie Says Her PDA with Brad is Good for the Kids
Angelina Jolie is a promoter of PDA! Hey, wouldn't you be too if you were married to Brad Pitt?? Check out the latest on this pair, who are busy raising
Video: Kanye West & Brad Pitt Don’t Make Top Working Dads List
Coming up on his first Father's Day, Kanye West has been left off the list of top working dads in Hollywood. So was Brad Pitt, who has 6 kids!
Angelina Jolie Makes the Case For Keeping Magic Alive at Home
Although Brad Pitt previously explained he feels getting kids all riled up about Santa Claus is lying, his future wife is telling a different story. Angelina Jolie opened up about the
Nature or Nurture? Maleficent Star Angelina Jolie Weighs In
As the mother of six, Angelina Jolie just might know a thing or two about raising children. The Maleficent star, who is engaged to Brad Pitt, recently weighed in on the
Angelina Jolie is Letting Her Kids Do the Wedding Planning
Despite some gossip reports claiming Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are already married, the actress is talking about her upcoming wedding with People magazine. The stunner, who had a bit of