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Brad Pitt Has a Realization at 50: “I Don’t Suck…”
Brad Pitt has been the father of six for a number of years now, but it seems it was only recently he decided he's pretty good at the role. The actor,
Brad Pitt’s Gun-Owning Dates Back to Early Elementary School
Brad Pitt says owning a firearm is just part of family tradition where he's from. The actor, who is raising six kids with wife Angelina Jolie, recently opened up about getting
Video: Why Brad Pitt Feels Like “the Richest Man Alive”
It's an especially good time to be Brad Pitt.The newlywed, opens up about his children with wife Angelina Jolie in the November issue of the U.K.'s Psychologies magazine.
Video: Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt’s First Wedding Photos Revealed
Absolutely stunning! That will likely be the reaction to Angelina Jolie and her family gracing the cover of People magazine's upcoming issue. The latest from these parents of six, on
Video: Newlyweds Jolie And Pitt Nervous To Share The Screen
Having famously met on the set of ‘Mr. And Mrs. Smith’, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are apparently very nervous to star in a movie together again for the first