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New Mom Gaby Hoffman Opens Up About Her Breastfeeding ‘Girls’
Gaby Hoffman is discovering the red carpet can be a tough place to be when you've just recently had a baby. The Girls star, who welcomed a daughter named Rosemary in November
Bruce Willis’ Wife Opens Up About Breastfeeding Baby Two
Bruce Willis and Emma Heming's firstborn daughter wasn't quite ready to give up breastfeeding when her little sister arrived. In a post on her personal site the 36-year-old beauty explained, "My
Video: Jennifer Aniston Tasted Jimmy Kimmel’s Wife’s Breast Milk
Jennifer Aniston wasn't shy at all about inviting herself to the deliver of Jimmy Kimmel's daughter. The actress, who is friends with the funny man's wife, even tasted her breast
New Mom Olivia Wilde’s Ice Bucket Challenge Is Truly Wild
Olivia Wilde has gone all out with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge trend, mixing things up to be sure her video for the cause won't soon be forgotten. The proud breastfeeder
Ricki Lake Promises Breastmilk Movie Will “Make Waves”
Breastmilk, Ricki Lake's latest documentary project, is ready for public viewing. Opening up to People about the movie, the proud executive producer explained, "There are so many forces in our culture