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Photo: Yikes! Jessica Simpson Shows Maxwell Has “No Fear”
Jessica Simpson's girl isn't afraid to go sky-high when she's got her father's arms to fall back into. Tweeting the dual-image photo seen here, the songstress wrote Tuesday, "Maxi and Daddy
Mad Men‘s Kevin Rahm Tweets Major Baby News Release
Kevin Rahm is on his way to becoming a father! The actor tweeted this sweet image Saturday, announcing to the world he is going to be a dad. The 43-year-old star,
James Van Der Beek Recalls: “I Caught the Baby”
James Van Der Beek played a decidedly hands-on role when his wife, Kimberly, gave birth to their third child in January. While the pair were waiting for their midwife to arrive the former
Kenan Thompson’s Wife Is Pregnant, And He’s “Terrified”
Get ready to add "Papa" to your list of need-to-know tidbits about Kenan Thompson! "I'm about to be a daddy!" the 35-year-old said during a recent visit to Late Night With Seth
Video: Simon Cowell Discovers Life Is Complicated With Baby
Simon Cowell was sent packing Friday ... just days after his baby was born, but not because Lauren Silverman threw him out -- because a judge laid down the law