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Elsa Pataky Gushes About Oscar-Worthy Dad Chris Hemsworth
Elsa Pataky wants the world to know what a wonderful husband and father hunky actor Chris Hemsworth is. Opening up about their family, which includes 2-year-old daughter India Rose and 9-month-old
Ryan Reynolds Weighs In On if He’s Diaper-Duty Ready
Ryan Reynolds is looking forward to being a father, including the bits he'll have to fumble through. "I don’t have a weak stomach,” the actor, who is expecting his first child
Video: The Birth Of Jason Sudeikis’s Son Totally Ruined His Brunch Plans
On the “Late Show,” new dad Jason Sudeikis talked about the day his fiancee, Olivia Wilde, went into labor with their son, Otis… And how it totally ruined his Easter
Jamie Oliver Tricked Daughter Into Eating Hot Sauce As a Punishment
Jamie Oliver is in hot water with his wife (as well as a portion of the public) for punishing his daughter with hot sauce. The chef and author, who has four
Video: Simon Cowell Has No Problem With Not Being a Hands-On Dad
Simon Cowell admits that he isn't a hands-on dad with son, Eric. Get the latest scoop on the media mogul, who apparently loves being a father -- but isn't afraid