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Video: More Marital Drama On the Way For Tori Spelling?
Are Tori and Dean returning for another season of the reality show 'True Tori'? Get the latest scoop on the parents of four here:
Video: Tori Spelling Telling Kids about Husband’s Affair
Tori Spelling reveals two important things in the new interview about her husband's affair. Check out the latest from the troubled couple, who are the parents of four little ones:
Video: Tori Spelling is Using Surveillance to Track Husband
Tori Spelling reveals a shocker! She is currently using surveillance to track her cheating husband, Dean McDermott, who is dad to her four children.
Video: Tori Spelling Threatens Divorce Over Second Mistress
Tori Spelling reveals she will leave Dean McDermott if she discovers he's cheated on her with any other women. Get the latest on the reality-show loving pair and parents of
Video: Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Face Their Toughest Decision
Though they are dedicated to making their marriage work after his cheating confession and rehab stint, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still facing obstacles. Get the latest on the