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Bizarre Maternity Suit Filed Against Jay-Z and Beyonce
Could it be Beyonce wasn't the one to give birth to Blue Ivy Carter? An unusual lawsuit has reportedly been filed by a woman named Tina Seals, who claims she's
Video: You’ve Got To See Jay Z’s Baby Lookalike
Have you seen the baby that looks just like Jay Z? Check it out Blue Ivy's father's doppleganger here for yourself!
Video: 6 Clues Beyonce and Jay Z are Getting a Divorce
Rumors are swirling, so what do we believe? Well, here are 6 undeniable signs that point to a looming divorce for Jay Z and Beyonce.
Video: Why Solange Attacked Jay Z in the Elevator
Beyonce's sister, Solange, viciously attacked Jay Z in newly leaked elevator surveillance footage, but what was Solange so mad about? We break down what may have happened inside this high-profile
Video: Jay Z and Beyonce Aren’t Attending Kimye Wedding
Jay Z and Beyonce will not be attending Kimye's wedding and you'll never guess why. Though Blue Ivy and North West's famous parents make an effort to appear to be