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Video: Ben Affleck Reveals Movie Made with Wife ‘Kills Him’
Alright, we all know Ben Affleck regrets making that unmentionable film with JLo, but we've never heard him say he regrets the one he did with his wife. 'Daredevil,' after
Ben Affleck Blasts “Wrong and Disgusting” Side of Fame
Ben Affleck has plenty to say about how his three children with wife Jennifer Garner are hounded by the paparazzi. Months after the actress worked to pass a law that is
Jennifer Garner Got Left In a Pink Ball Gown On Halloween
Halloween 2013 was without a family costume for the Garner-Affleck gang, after last year's debacle left the family matriarch embarrassed. Telling Ellen DeGeneres about how she was left as the lone
Jennifer Garner’s Hope For the New Anti-Paparazzi Bill
Jennifer Garner is both thrilled and a bit shocked the anti-paparazzi bill she and fellow mom Halle Berry testified for actually passed. The actress, mom to three kids with husband Ben
Video: New California Law Protects Celebrities’ Kids From Paparazzi
Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner supported Bill 606 prohibiting paparazzi from harassing celebs' kids. California's governor signed the bill into law. Get the details on what it all means for