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Jessica Alba’s Little Haven Just Won’t Give Up Her Crib
Jessica Alba has a bit of a sleeping situation on her hands, but doesn't seem to mind! The actress, who has two daughters with husband Cash Warren, has given People
Jessica Alba Explains Why SAHM Life Isn’t For Her
With Jessica Alba's Honest Company is nearing $1 billion in value, it's easy to see this actress also has a knack for business! "I think it's different for everyone," the mother
Jessica Alba Admits Daughter Honor “Eats Like an Animal”
Jessica Alba has come clean and confessed one of her daughters has rather despicable eating habits. Speaking of 6-year-old Honor Warren, the Sin City actress explained, "She doesn't have the best
Jessica Alba’s Family Follows One Simple Diet Rule
Jessica Alba has revealed to Self magazine that keeping in top shape isn't all that hard when your whole family abides by one diet rule. "I have the same food philosophy
Video: Jessica Alba on Cooking With Her Kids and Her “Struggle” to Have Balance
essica Alba isn't certain she's mastered the art of balancing running a company, being a mom, and having a career on the big screen. Check out the latest from the