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Why Kate Gosselin’s Girls Say She Needs to Marry Again
Kate Gosselin's daughters don't seem to have a lot of faith in her ability to make a few repairs around the house. "I'm really focused on [my kids] right now, but
Video: Kate Gosselin’s Nanny Tells All
Kate Gosselin's former nanny is speaking out! Check out the latest gossip surrounding the often controversial mother of eight:
The Real Reason Kate Gosselin Is Back For a TLC Special
Kate Gosselin isn't trying to hide that the real reason she's agreed to film a special for TLC is that she's strapped for cash. "Hear me very clearly," the mother of
Kate Gosselin’s Twins Fair Slightly Better On The View
After a cringeworthy visit to Today, Kate Gosselin and twin daughters Cara and Mady stopped by The View. For the most part the conversation flowed well, at least until the
Video: Kate Gosselin Scolds Twins for Clamming Up on ‘Today’
Saying the Gosselin twins 'clammed up' on the 'Today' show this morning is an understatement. They clammed up, rolled their ayes, and gave their mom major attitude live in front