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Video: Exes Nick Lachey and Kristin Cavallari Have Awkward Interview
Nick Lachey interviewed his ex-girlfriend Kristin Cavallari and it was awkward. You better believe they talked about their sons -- who are both, coincidentally, named Camden. Watch:
Video: Nick Lachey Shows Off Buff Beach Bod On Family Vacation
98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey made temperatures rise when he hit the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on Thursday, Jan. 2. Check out more about his get away with
Vanessa & Nick Lachey’s Baby Boy Can ‘Do The Guy Stuff’
Nick Lachey gets plenty of hands-on dad time with son Camden while his wife is away at work, coincidentally on the set of Dads. The singer, who became a father last
Photo: Nick and Vanessa Lachey Celebrate Son’s First Birthday
Nick and Vanessa Lachey's baby boy is 1-year-old! Sharing the image seen here on Twitter, the first-time mom wrote, "Cam's 1st Birthday in Cincy was a success! Beautiful day, lots
Vanessa Lachey is Planning Two Major Birthday Parties
Vanessa Lachey is back on set after welcoming son Camden, filming the Fox series Dads. "It's actually a great balance because multi-cam television is the best job schedule, it's kind of