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Photos: Suri Cruise Shows Off Cast During Pedicure
Suri Cruise is soaking up loads of attention. The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who recently broke her arm in a mishap that has not publicly been revealed,
Suri Cruise All Smiles After Being Called a “Brat” (and Worse!)
A recent run-in with a shockingly rude fan doesn't seem to have dampened Suri Cruise's spirits too badly. The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes held her mother's hand
Report: Style Star Suri Cruise is Launching a Clothing Line
Suri Cruise has long been known to be a fan of dressing up, but is she on the verge of turning her pint-sized fashion sense into a business? According to a
Tom Cruise Celebrated Suri’s 7th Birthday Early
Today, April 18, is Suri Cruise's 7th birthday -- though the celebration for the little girl the paparazzi photographers love has already kicked off! When asked by Ryan Seacrest if he
Tom Cruise Talks Divorce: “Life’s a Challenge”
Tom Cruise has learned through experience that one should never count on anything in life as a a sure thing -- and it's best not to forget your sense of