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Tom Cruise’s Strong, Sweet Reaction to Emily Blunt’s Pregnancy
Emily Blunt didn't quite realize that confiding her pregnancy news to Tom Cruise would mean making him turn into a protective costar. The actress, who stars in the upcoming Edge of
Connor Cruise Talks Nicole Kidman: “I Love My Mum”
Though many wonder why we so seldom see photos of Nicole Kidman with her two eldest children, 19-year-old Connor Cruise and 21-year-old Isabella, the star's adopted son says their relationship
Tom Cruise Admits To Not Seeing Suri For Over 100 Days
The world at large is getting a glimpse into the weeks following Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise split thanks to publicly filed court documents. As the actor sues In Touch
Nicole Kidman Has Met Her “Great Love” Now
Nicole Kidman means "no disrespect" to ex-huband Tom Cruise in what she says in Vanity Fair's latest issue, but he might be offended anyway. The actress, who is now happily raising
Nicole Kidman Finds Balance: “I Smile Now”
Nicole Kidman doesn't often speak about her divorce from Tom Cruise, with whom she adopted two children before divorcing in 2001. The actress, who married country singer Keith Urban in