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Victoria Beckham Explains Why She Looks So Tired (Photo)
It's not easy for tired mamas to fake it sometimes... Victoria Beckham was photographed during NY Fashion Week looking straight up exhausted. Turns out, this busy mom has plenty of reasons
Victoria Beckham and Baby Harper: New Photos of Mum and Harper in England
Aw! Look at Victoria Beckham and daughter, baby Harper, in these new photos taken in London, England. Mum and her little girl were spotted leaving the Savoy Hotel together, while hubby
Victoria Beckham: Get Baby Harper Beckham’s Darling Striped Dress! (Photo)
Harper Beckham is following in mum Victoria Beckham's fashionable footsteps - check out baby Harper in this photo, where she's seen wearing a Marc Jacobs dress! Victoria and Harper were spotted
Victoria Beckham Carries Harper Like an Accessory Through LAX (Photos)
Victoria Beckham and baby Harper were spotted at LAX on November 26, and from the photos, it looks like Victoria was carrying Harper like an accessory! No doubt Harper is one
Victoria Beckham to Design Kids Clothing Line: Will You Buy It?
Victoria Beckham knows fashion. There's no doubt about that. But does she know children's fashion? Rumors are buzzing that Beckham is considering designing a kids clothing line collection to mirror the