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Video: Christina Aguilera to Show Off Post-Baby Bod in Playboy?
Christina Aguilera reportedly wants to unveil her post-baby body in Playboy.
Video: Fergie French Kisses Her Son
Fergie just revealed that she french-kisses her baby son, Axl! Check out the latest on this rocking momma here, including what's new with her and husband Josh Duhamel's firstborn child:
Video: Is George Clooney’s Fiancee Pregnant?
This could be the reason George Clooney suddenly proposed to his girlfriend! Get the latest on the acting hunk, who might just be on his way to becoming a first-time
Video: New Stripper Farrah Abraham Compares Herself to Jennifer Aniston
So, it seems 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham is a stripper now...and she claims she is just like Jennifer Aniston! Check out the latest on the reality star and mother of
Video: Robin Williams to Be Buried Near ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ Home
Robin Williams will be laid to rest near a place that is dear to so many of us that loved the actor.