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Video: Candace Cameron Gives Advice On a Good Sex Life
Candace Cameron is usually making headlines for her super-conservative ways, not her sex life! Check out what the long-married star had to say about the importance of not forgetting to
Video: Kendra Baskett Will Make Money by Televising Split
Kendra Wilkinson is set to profit if she cashes in on her unfortunate troubles. Check out the latest on this reality star, who just recently became the mother of two,
Video: Ryan Gosling is Cooking for Pregnant Eva Mendes
Just when we thought Ryan Gosling couldn't get any better, we find out he cooks for his lady too! The latest on how this dad-to-be is pampering Eva Mendes:
Video: Candace Cameron Causes a Stir With Cleanse Announcement
Candace Cameron is doing a cleanse (just like every girl in Hollywood!) but her fans are not happy. Find out what this mom had to say to critics of her
Video: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Are Trying for a Baby
Chrissy Teigen reveals she and her husband are trying to get pregnant. Check out the latest from the pair that aren't afraid to take their private relationship details public!