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Video: Kelly Rutherford’s Not Done Fighting for Her Kids
Kelly Rutherford plans on doing what you'd hope any mother would do when faced with losing her kids ... she's going to keep fighting. Get the latest on the star's
Video: Jennifer Aniston Tasted Jimmy Kimmel’s Wife’s Breast Milk
Jennifer Aniston wasn't shy at all about inviting herself to the deliver of Jimmy Kimmel's daughter. The actress, who is friends with the funny man's wife, even tasted her breast
Video: Check Out Scott Disick’s Shocking Reaction to Baby No. 3
Is Scott Disick ready to be a father of three? See his surprising reaction when Kourtney reveals she's been pregnant for months!
Video: Say What? Kanye West Reveals Surprising Info About His Dad
Kanye West HATES paparazzi, so it's interesting to learn that his father used to be one! Get the latest on North West's father's shocking reveal about his family history:
Video: Did Any Celeb Moms Land On the Emmys Worst Dressed List?
These celebs, unfortunately, made our "Worst Dressed" list at this year's Emmys. Check out who the unfortunate are, and see if you recognize any of the regulars we talk about