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Video: Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Having Thanksgiving at Matt Damon’s House
This is so cute! Ben Affleck reveals he and his family are walking down the street to Matt Damon's house for Thanksgiving!
Video: Melinda Gates on How Her Children Spend Their Allowance
Melinda Gates talks about how she raises her kids with billionaire-husband Bill Gates to share her philanthropic values.
Video: Kim K Says ‘Medical Conditions’ Contributed to Her Weight Gain
Kim Kardashian reveals that some medical conditions contributed to her weight gain.
Video: Kate Middleton’s Best Maternity Fashions
Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby number two, but when it comes to maternity fashion she sets the bar high. Krystin Goodwin (@krystingoodwin) has a few of the Duchess of
Video: Brooke Shields Shares the Inside Scoop on Being a Famous Mom
"We make sure my 'fame' does not precede anything else." Author and model Brooke Shields on raising children as a famous mom. Interview at AOL HQ in NYC for AOL