Tori Spelling and Family Cut Down a Christmas Tree (Photo)

By on December 16, 2011

Tori Spelling cuts down a Christmas tree
If you think all celebrities are just waited on hand and foot, take note of Tori Spelling, who gets stuff done!

Tori Spelling and her family recently cut down their Christmas tree and she shared all of the photos and video of their fun outing on her website,

Spelling explains, “I love the holidays. To me, Christmas is a time to celebrate with my family and DIY the heck out of my house! We all know the Christmas tree is the focal point of any holiday home decor. I’ve done the pre-cut tree lot tree and the planted in a pot living tree, so this year I was determined to do the unthinkable in Los Angeles (or so I thought)…cut down my own Christmas tree!”

Spelling adds, “Growing up in La la land, you tend to believe that trees come perfectly flocked and grouped together, pre-cut on a corner lot in Beverly Hills with a whopping price tag of $150 plus. I wanted out of that illusion, but never thought it was possible. Well, this year I did research and found an actual Christmas tree farm just 40 minutes outside of LA!”

Wait… $150 for a tree?!?!

Dean was busy with a golf tournament, so Tori and the kids set out on their adventure to the tree farm – looks like they had a really fun time and it’s kind of funny to see Tori sawing down a tree.

This will be baby Hattie’s first Christmas, and Tori’s little ones, Liam and Stella, are 4 and 3 now… such fun ages for the holidays!


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